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  • Печатная плата MiniMax 8085

  • Печатная плата MSX Zemmix Neo #13


    MSX2+ compatible FPGA system
    The Zemmix Neo is a computer originally created by a team in Korea. The system is based on the design of the One Chip MSX, with the addition of a scanline generator.


    S-Video mini-DINRCA/CINCH, Composite Video connectorRCA/CINCH, Stereo Audio connectors, VGA output, PS/2 keyboard, 2 ports general connectors (joysticks, mouse, paddle controllers, …) 2 cartridge , SD card slot.
    2048/4096 KB RAM ,mapperSCC+, soundFM, soundVGA outputRGB, composite and S-Video output, PS/2 keyboard connector, Two turbo speeds (5.37Mhz and 8.06Mhz), SD card slot, Cassette tape input.